We’ve transformed an intuition in a reality!
CONVEX transforms every electronic cigarette on the market in a "vaporizer".
Applied on any electronic cigarette simply exchanging your drip tip in the 510 attachment, CONVEX conveys the vapor generated by the liquid present in the atomizer by transforming it in the arom you wish for, any product you put in the convection chamber!


Convex is a revolutionary dripper able to exalt any product found in nature from your favourite cut, to the vanilla bean, to the mint. All this...without combustion. An innovative Dripper, practical, easy to use and above all healthy because it revolutionizes the concept of organic vaping.


The drip tip is made of POM and is the upper part of CONVEX; through the Drip it is possible to taste the arom; the arom is the result of a flow of warm vapor that, goes through convection, crosses the solid product. The vapor is generated by the electronic cigarette in its normal use (battery which heats a resistance that vaporizes the liquid present in the atomizer).

The drip tip is tightened to the upper flange where there is the mesh filter. The locking of the mesh filter is done through pressure due to the tightening of the drip tip threaded on the upper flange. The mesh filter has the responsibility to keep the solid product in the chamber during inhalation.

The chamber is the location of the solid product which can be loaded, untightening the upper flange. On the inside of the chamber helical coils have been designed and realized all of which have the function of collecting the condensation that could be generated during the phase of the solid product’s vaporization.
CONVEX could be permanently installed on the electronic cigarette because if no solid product is inserted in the chamber, by no means the normal functionality of the device will be affected.

The lower flange contains a second mesh filter which needs to be tightened to the chamber. Also in this case the mesh filter has the responsibility to keep the solid product in the chamber; the filter is blocked in its place when the lower flange is tightened to the chamber. 
In the lower part 2 o-rings are inserted which have the task to ease the hermetic fastening of the lower flange to the electronic cigarette, by means of the universal 510 attachment.

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